Monday, 10 June 2013

English Summer Flowers and Elusive Vintage Prints

Its the second full week of June, normally the climbing rose that we have trained to flower just outside our bedroom window is in its first bloom. At this time of year we like to cut the odd rose bud and put it in the little vase that was specially blown to hold one flower head. Truly it smells of summer and the delicate petals make a pretty focal point on the kitchen table.

This year, summer has been so late that there are only closed green buds on the rose, what to do. A short walk with the dog reminded me that this late English summer has resulted in an unusual mix of flowers for the time of year. Some careful picking of a few flowers and rather more grasses seemed like the inspired thing to do. Walking back to the cottage I realised that this is a rather familiar situation at Cholesburys. You want more of a favorite English vintage print but you just cant find it, you look around you, you mix and match from the bottom of the textiles cupboard with some different recycled leathers, try a couple of different leather finishes, you select the lining to compliment the colour pallet and you have just created a sandal solution from the materials to hand. What an idea, probably rather old fashioned.. .   .