Sunday, 2 October 2011

Beautiful ladies' sandals, handmade in England

At Cholesburys, our aim is not only to breathe a little bit of life back into the footwear industry here in England, but also to do so with shoes that look and feel better because they have been lovingly made by hand and have high ethical and environmental credentials.

Our handmade sandals are a great example.

At the heart of each pair is a discarded English floral print or vintage designer fabric that we've sought out and selected. We source all of these fabrics in person, and buy a lot in a brilliant local shop that's something of an antique department store.

As well as selecting prints for their look, our choices are shaped by the quality and feel of the fabric, and the story behind it. Sometimes these textiles are pre-loved furnishing fabrics, while others are ‘old-but-new’ designer prints – such as the vintage 1960s Liberty of London fabric we found unused on a roll.

The leather straps on our sandals are made from recycled boots and coats, and about a third of the rubber in the sole is recycled too.

If you've not cast your eyes over them yet, please take a look – and feel free to let us know what you think...

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